Friday's Robotics Demonstration 2nd & 3rd Grade (with pictures)

On Friday, Saint James School 2nd and 3rd grade students enjoyed a robotics demonstration by Dr. Lin Lin, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Engineering Science & Computer Engineering Technology at Middlesex Community College.  Dr. Lin, a Saint James parent, is heading up a robotics program at the college featuring a NAO “humanoid” robot named Mixy.

During the presentation to students, Mixy introduced herself, walked, danced the Macarena, and told jokes.  Throughout the presentation, Dr. Lin discussed – in simple terms – robotics and programming and showed the students, on her computer, what the programming sequence for Mixy looks like.  Several students even had an opportunity to program commands for Mixy into the computer.  “Many of today’s 2nd and 3rd grade students will someday be instrumental in the future of robotics and engineering.  It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and be able to answer their questions,” said Dr. Lin following her presentation.

Below are some pictures from Friday morning.


IMG_9943 IMG_9918 IMG_9945 IMG_9944 IMG_9933IMG_9921 IMG_9937  IMG_9954