SJS Students Celebrate March 14th (3.14) aka "PI Day"

Yesterday, Saint James Middle School math teacher, Mrs. Reilly, hosted a special math celebration of March 14th, known to math lovers everywhere as  “PI” Day (for 3.14).  As part of the fun, students brought in home-made pies, and a pie contest was held with the teachers serving as judges.

There were 2 categories….traditional (fruit, pumpkin, pecan, etc.) and other (cream pies, key lime, ice cream, even chicken pot pie!).  The pies were judged on taste, appearance, and creativity.  The winners were as follows – Traditional:  1st Sophie Kisner (apple); 2nd Hailey Constantine (pecan); 3rd Evan O’Neill (pecan);  – Other: 1st Anna DeLaura (chocolate cream); 2nd Noah Klim (key lime); and 3rd Ed Powell and Siara Chanterelle (chicken pot pie).

In addition, students created their own “PiKu” (a play on HaiKu poetry) as well as having a special math lesson focused on using Pi.

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