3rd Graders Learn About Owls

Saint James School 3rd graders have been learning about small animals and habitats as part of their science lessons.  Each student researched and hand-wrote a book, with pictures, about an assigned animal.  This week, students dissected sanitized owl “pellets” (which contain the bones of their prey) as they learned about owls.  Pictures from this neat lesson are below.

IMG_1020IMG_1031IMG_1025IMG_1035       IMG_1039 IMG_20150330_130240624 IMG_1037IMG_1028IMG_20150330_130807260 IMG_1007IMG_1018IMG_1034 IMG_1011

IMG_1040IMG_20150330_130148792  IMG_20150330_131336794 IMG_20150330_131532999   IMG_20150330_130340829