Music Class Notes from Mrs. Lindemann:

Music Class Notes from Mrs. Lindemann:


It’s a Small World

Learn the lyrics of this timeless song.

Verse 1:
It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears.
It’s a world of hope and a world of fears.
There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware.
It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all x3
It’s a small, small world.

Verse 2:
There is just one moon and one golden sun,
and a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide,
It’s a small world after all.


Verse 3:
It’s a world of wonder, a world of worth.
And in years to come we’ll know peace on earth.
If we open our eyes we will all realize, It’s a small world after all.

First Grade:

Toy Symphony
How many “Toys” do you see in this piece?

Second Grade:

Create your own music on Chrome Music Lab

Third Grade:

Google Classroom code 4jnkyic Recorder play along. Please send a video of your student playing!

Grades 4-8:

Assignments are on Google Classroom. This week we are creating a listening log.

Here are some additional music resources.

Youtube- GoNoodle fantastic videos for dancing, moving and singing.

Chrome Music Lab great website to explore the science behind sound.

The Piano Guys awesome music videos.


I made a youtube playlist for you to look at if you have extra time! Some of my favorite videos and I’ll be adding to it while we are away. I even made some special videos for you to check out while you are home.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions
I’d love to hear from you!
Keep being creative!

Mrs. Lindemann