Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pickup

A huge thank you again to our SJS parents for your understanding as we continue to work through our morning drop-off and pick-up procedures.  Please know that the safety of all our students during this congested time of day is our number one concern.  As such, town engineers were out again this summer to help re-assess traffic flow and offer suggestions.


To help further clarify, the town has provided us with the attached map:  MAP FROM TOWN FOR SAFE PARKING/DROP-OFF

Important notes:

*Do not let your child cross the road anywhere other than the crosswalks.

* No parking in front of the breezeway or where the buses park at dismissal time.

*Only very slow, cautious turns onto Otis Street, please.

*Do not double park.

*Never let your child jump out towards the street.

*Lastly, as a reminder, the front portion of the Saint James Church parking lot is considered a “town lot” and is subject to their 2-hour parking rules (you will get a ticket after 2 hours).  If you will be volunteering at the school for a long period of time and are not able to use on-street parking.  Please let Mrs. Sager know your license plate number so she can make the appropriate calls.

Please be sure share this information with anyone who drops off or picks up your children.

We truly appreciate how supportive and patient everyone has been this week, particular with the roof construction changing up or normal procedures.  We are excited for a great year!!