Beginning Friday, May 8th, middle school teachers will have “Office Hours” for students to schedule a time to meet with their teacher for any questions/concerns they may have with regards to lessons and assignments. All middle school teachers will be available on Friday and one additional day, either Tuesday or Wednesday. Please be advised these times are reserved for students, they are not for parent conferences.

Middle School Office Hours


1:00pm – Mrs. Oei

1:30pm – Mrs. Gordon

2:00pm – Mrs. Wolpert

2:30pm – Mrs. McQuaid

3:00pm – Mr. Adams


1:00pm – Mrs. Grondin

1:30pm – Mrs. Camilleri

2:00pm – Senora Nixon


9:00am – Mrs. Grondin

9:30am – Mrs. Gordon/Mrs. McQuaid

11:30am – Mrs. Wolpert

12:00pm – Mr. Adams

12:30pm – Mrs. Camilleri/Senora Nixon

1:00pm – Mrs. Oei