HSA Goals

The main goals of the HSA at Saint James School are:

  • Bring into closer relation home and school, whereby parents and teachers may cooperate as a team in the education of their children.
  • Fundraising – Each year the HSA sponsors two major fundraising events, a Catalog fundraiser in the Fall and a Gala/Auction in the Spring. Participation in the fundraisers by every family is essential because a portion of the funds raised at these events is pledged to the school’s operating budget. The success of these events has a direct impact on all families at the school.
  • Social Activities for the enjoyment of our families and school staff.  These activities include a Halloween party, Christmas party, Holiday Store, Tree of Blessings, Book Fair, Father/Daughter Dance, and Mother/Son event to name a few.

HSA Meetings

Meetings occur once a month at the school.  Meetings typically are held the first Tuesday of each month and begin at 7:00pm, but please consult the monthly calendar for exact times and dates.

At each meeting we:

  1. Prepare for the following month’s social, fundraising, and special events.
  2. Address issues from previous month if necessary.
  3. Have an open discussion.
  4. Plan for future months.