Living Lent: Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries


With the arrival of the Lenten season, we would like to take the opportunity to offer our families some ideas that can help spark conversations and strengthen the spirituality of your household.

Each week of Lent, we will be offering a Scripture passage, Lenten quotation, or prayer activity for your family to share together. We hope these suggestions will enrich your family’s journey through Lent, ending in a more blessed and joyful Easter.


For this week’s Living Lent family activity we encourage you to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.  The Rosary is a wonderful prayer for families because it is a simple, repetitive devotion that tells a story.  The sorrowful mysteries are prayed during Lent to help us meditate on the story of Jesus’ passion and death.

We suggest the following websites to enrich your family’s prayer time:

This website provides child-friendly narratives that tell the story of each mystery.

For younger children, coloring pages may help keep them engaged.  Printable coloring pages can be found here.

General information on how to pray the Rosary can be found here.