Below are a few pictures from this past Friday’s 3rd grade “career” speaker, Mrs. Kathy Blackwell, a registered architect (and former SJS parent) who talked about about her training and projects she has been involved in (including designing facilities for the visually impaired – which led to a discussion on what design elements the kids would use).  Mrs. Blackwell also showed a short video about several Louisiana Tech architecture students who used their training to rebuild a summer camp for disabled students (and the joy that brought them in helping these kids).  Lastly, Mrs. Blackwell talked about vanishing points, and the students had the opportunity to draw a 3D object.  As with all guest speakers they have had this year, the 3rd graders really seemed to enjoy learning from Mrs. Blackwell and hearing about ways that architects can impact the lives of others.

A huge Thank You to all of our special guest “career” speakers that have come in this year to share their training and talents with our students!  The goal of having professionals from various fields in to discuss their careers was to help deepen students’ awareness of what it takes to be successful, allow students to begin examining their own interests, and help the students develop self-confidence that they can achieve their future goals. Also, special thanks to Mrs. Piotrotowski – who spearheaded the project and organized all the speakers for the 3rd grade teachers.