JV Basketball Updates

This weekend our JV basketball teams each each added +1 to the win column, while continuing to make our community proud by displaying good sportsmanship and teamwork both on and off the court:

Our Girls 6th Grade JV team beat out Corpus Christi on Saturday with a score of 32 to 1.  This brings the team’s record up to 3 to 2 for the season.

Our Boys 6th Grade JV team won against St. Christopher School, bringing their winning record to 4 to 1.  Next up for the Boy’s 6th Grade JV is St. Gabriel’s (at St. Gabe’s) on Saturday morning.

And, our Girls 4th/5th Grade JV team enjoyed back to back weekends of wins as follows:

January 4th:

5th Grade:  20-10 Win over St. Paul

4th Grade:  24-8 Win over St. Thomas

January 11th:

5th grade:  14-4 Win over St. Mary’s of Simsbury

4th grade:  22-8 Win over St. Thomas