January 2017 SJS Parent Survey

The SJS Administration and 2016-2017 School Board are looking for feedback on your current experience as a Saint James School parent/guardian.  Please take a few moments to read the attached letter from the 2016-2017 SJS School Board and complete one survey per family for EACH AREA where you CURRENTLY have a child enrolled.

Surveys are short, anonymous, and allow for comments.  Your feedback is very important to us so please take the time to think through your responses (being as specific as possible) so that we may provide the best possible experience at each grade level.

Families NEW to the SJS K-8 Program this school year are asked to NOT take these surveys, and instead use the NEW K-8 Family Survey sent out under a separate e-mail by our Advancement Director, Amy Guenther.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your time and input!