International Day 2016

Congratulations to the Saint James School 8th Grade class on the outstanding job they did hosting International Day on Wednesday.  International Day is an annual project for the 8th Graders, where they showcase their research on an assigned country.  Costumes, games, props, and traditional dishes are part of the festivities.  Students in all the other grades have an opportunity to visit the showcase throughout the day and the 8th Graders share information about their assigned country. (click pictures to enlarge)

IMG_5418 IMG_5422IMG_5425 IMG_5428IMG_5433 IMG_5435IMG_5441 IMG_5450IMG_5452 IMG_5456IMG_5457 IMG_5464IMG_5467 IMG_5470IMG_5493 IMG_5496IMG_5475 IMG_5483IMG_5509 IMG_5511IMG_5517 IMG_5520IMG_5525 IMG_5531IMG_5539 IMG_5548IMG_5552 IMG_5560IMG_5564 IMG_5571