Reminder: Main Office Voice Mail

If you are calling in to the school office to CHANGE where your child is going at afternoon dismissal, please make sure you speak to a LIVE person so we can ensure that message gets relayed to the teacher/student.

If you call the SJS Office during school hours and get our voicemail please try back instead of leaving a message if your message is time-sensitive.  Unfortunately we have had instances where messages left on the main office voicemail did not record and, as such, we never received it.

We will be addressing this with the phone company to see if there is an issue with our system, but important messages are always best relayed to a live person.  At least one person is always in the main office to answer calls during school hours.  If you reach our voice mail, it just means our office staff is on another line.

Messages that are not of an urgent nature may be left on voice mail but feel free to follow up with an email to Mrs. Sager at if you wish.

Thank you.