Important: 2 Snow Days Being Made Up Next Week – Wed & Thurs

Due to the Blizzard of 2013, Saint James School will be changing the school calendar to reflect the 6 make-up days missed due to snow days.  With this, there are also new dates for Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations.  We realize the make-up days in February are short notice, but we do appreciate your support to work with the school.  We also understand that vacations have been planned and we will work with you to make up work missed.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please note, school busses WILL run on Wednesday (2/20) and Thursday (2/21), after/before care WILL be in session and there WILL be hot lunch both days.**

New calendar dates are:

School In Session:  February 20   Wednesday (full day)

February 21    Thursday (full day)

March 14        Thursday (1/2 day to full day)

May 7              Tuesday (1/2 day to full day)

June 14            Friday (1/2 day to full day)

June 17            Monday (1/2 day to full day)

June 18            Tuesday (1/2 day)

*June 19            Wednesday (1/2 day – Last day of school)

*More snow days will be made up June 20, 21

Graduation Dates    June 7              Grade 8

June 12              Pre-K Stepping-Up Ceremony

June 14              Kindergarten Celebration


Thank you again and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sincerely yours,

Patricia A. Kanute


**        Wednesday (2/20) Popcorn Chicken & Zucchini or Bagel & Yogurt

Thursday (2/21) Pizza & Tomato Salad or Bagel & Yogurt



February 14 Calendar changes 2012-2013