Halloween Party Pictures

A huge thank you to the Halloween Party event chairs – Mrs. Poth & Mrs. Caldwell – for putting together a fabulous Halloween party for our pre-k through 6th grade students this past Saturday.  We also wish to thank the many other parent volunteers and our middle school student volunteers who helped make this event so much fun!

The Halloween Party committee would like to thank all the families that brought non-perishable food donations for MACC.  There were 6 large boxes full of items dropped off this morning for which MACC was very appreciative.

Attached are several great pictures from the Halloween Party, which were sent in by Mrs. Italia (click pictures to enlarge).


SJSHalloween2015-6837 SJSHalloween2015-6805 SJSHalloween2015-6799 SJSHalloween2015-6780 SJSHalloween2015-6752 SJSHalloween2015-6736 SJSHalloween2015-6733 SJSHalloween2015-6729 SJSHalloween2015-6727 SJSHalloween2015-6720 SJSHalloween2015-6719 SJSHalloween2015-6715 SJSHalloween2015-6713 SJSHalloween2015-6704 SJSHalloween2015-6696