Funding Restored For Catholic School Buses

Please read the information below from Dale Hoyt, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Hartford

Dear Catholic School Administrators, Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Students, and Friends of Catholic schools:

Thank you for your extremely hard work during the past few weeks, the General Assembly and Governor Malloy decided to fully restore the funding for buses (they also restored virtually all of the funding for public school buses — $24M).

Below is the text of line T625 of the Budget Bill, HB 6704, that shows $3.5M has been restored. The House of Representatives enacted the budget at 12:20am on Sunday, and the Senate will enact the Budget on Monday morning. I think that it is now safe for you to pull the alerts from your school websites. There is no need to make any more phone calls to the State Capitol at this time.

Non-Public School Transportation

This is great news at the start of a new week.

Peace and blessings-
Dale R. Hoyt, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Office of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Hartford