Fifth Grade Ship Day Pictures

Fifth grade students had a fun day today pretending to be on a ship headed for the “new world” as part of their studies on early American history.  Here are a few pictures from the morning as they passed through the bag checkers (who removed any items that would not have been around in the 1600s), signed the “Saint James Compact,” and settled in for a day-long adventure at “sea.”

IMG_0618IMG_0595 IMG_0610IMG_0593IMG_0604IMG_0608 IMG_0671IMG_0636 IMG_0725  IMG_0719IMG_0629 IMG_0654IMG_0664IMG_0649IMG_0650IMG_0655 IMG_0604 IMG_0613 IMG_0726 IMG_0731 IMG_0727 IMG_0647      IMG_0641 IMG_0622   IMG_0645  IMG_0630  IMG_0729 IMG_0716 IMG_0657