Field Day Update

It does look like rain for tomorrow morning so we are working on a modified field day program that will be indoors.  Students should still come to school in the designated attire as noted below:

*SJS gym shorts, gym sneakers, and designated-colored T-shirt:

*Grade 1:  purple (or as close as possible)
*Grade 2:  blue
*Grade 3:  green
*Grade 4:  yellow
*Grade 5:  orange
*Grade 6:  red
*Grade 7:  tie-dye or white
*Teachers:  pink

Watermelon should still be brought in for a snack.  We are all set on water with what has already been brought in, but students should still bring a water bottle to school, labeled with their name.

Due to the limited activities, parent volunteers are not needed tomorrow.  A huge thank you to all those who had originally volunteered!