Family Friendzy Activity

The Friendzy theme for the month of November is “Love At All Times.”

Some of the most wonderful examples of loving come from the Saints who are excellent role models for us all, parents and children alike. As a family activity this month, we’d like to suggest that you read about the Saints in Chapter 6 of the “Teach Them Your Ways, O Lord” booklet that was recently sent home to your family. As a family, talk about your favorite Saints, how they were loving and how you can model their behavior in your everyday lives. Maybe you will choose one favorite Saint for your family. Maybe you’ll each have your own. However many Saints you choose, we would love for you to share with us! Please send a photo of your family displaying the name(s) of your favorite Saint(s) to  At the end of the month we will compile all the photos to share with our school community.

Here is a photo of Mrs. Zorger with the name of her favorite Saint!