Our comprehensive plan for Fall 2020 was sent out to enrolled families via email on June 22nd.  To review the full plan, please click on the link below.

Our Pre-Kindergarten plan for Fall 2020 was sent out to enrolled families via email on June 23rd.  To review the full plan, please click on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes. Grades K-8 will all have a remote learning option. If your student starts the school year in person and you need to switch them to the remote learning model at any given point, you may do so.
No. Due to the set-up of classrooms and specific classroom schedules, students opting for remote learning will need to remain in the distance learning model until January 4th.
The first day of school for the K-8 program will be September 8th. On Wednesday, September 2nd all students participating in the remote learning model will have a set time to come to school to meet the teacher and pick up school-provided supplies (a technology device, textbooks, workbooks, etc.). On Thursday, September 3rd all students opting for in-person learning will have a set time to come to school to meet the teacher and set up their desk (supplies should be brought to school on this day).
We hope that by pushing the first day of school to September 8th we will avoid some of those hot days we typically experience when school first starts. We would also consider allowing students to wear their gym uniform on hot days and calling for early dismissals to help in this area (the cafeteria has air conditioning for students that need aftercare on these days). Communication will come in the daily email blasts if a change of protocol is being put into place.

Learning Models

Saint James School is still on track to fully implement our published Return to In-Person Learning Plan, which calls for 5 days a week of in-person learning for students.  This is based on the Governor's current protocol and Saint James School's ability to provide adequate physical distancing in our classrooms at this time.
Yes. A comprehensive REMOTE learning option is available for families who do not wish for their student to attend in-person instruction at this time or for students who may have to temporarily remain at home because of COVID-19 related restrictions. Remote learning will take place daily during school hours. Student attendance during daily live teaching is mandatory. This learning model will incorporate live streaming of classroom instruction, live meetings with teachers, supplemental lessons, small group meetings, and independent assignments. If this option is selected, students will remain in remote learning from the first day of school through at least January 4, 2021 with the potential to continue through the end of the year. If a situation arises that a family needs to move from in-person learning to remote learning, arrangements will be made to ensure a smooth transition to that learning model.

Health & Wellness

Yes. The State of Connecticut Department of Education has provided specific guidance to school districts regarding face coverings. For buildings to open this fall, all staff and students must wear face coverings when in the school building. Please ensure that your student has a second/back-up mask in their backpack at all times. Student masks must meet the following conditions: * Fit snugly around the nose and cheek area to avoid gaps. * The fabric should be thick enough not to see the sun/light through * No exhalation valves or vents in masks as they allow air to flow out
Yes. Saint James School will provide a break away lanyard for all students so they can remove their masks without the need to place them on a surface. This allows for greater opportunities to use outside and large spaces for mask breaks. Complete guidance for mask breaks is currently under development.
While students are asked to come to school wearing a mask (and bring a backup mask in their backpack), Saint James School will have disposable masks in child and adult sizes in the event one is needed.
We strongly encourage families to conduct a health screening with your child prior to coming to school each morning. It is required for your child to remain at home if he/she exhibits any symptoms of illness. These include, but are not limited to, sore throat, fever, cold/flu symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, strep throat, and any new and/or untreated rash or skin conditions in need of antibiotic treatment. A doctor’s note is required to confirm these conditions are not related to COVID-19 before returning to school.

Instructional Day

We strongly encourage families to conduct a health screening with your child prior to coming to school each morning.  There will be 4 separate areas for students to enter the building for the K-8 program this year.  Students will have their temperature scanned and then head directly to their classroom. Signs will be posted to help identify each entrance area; Aides and other staff members will be on site to assist with getting students to their classrooms if needed.  These areas will be as follows: *Front Door:  Mrs Phelan's 3rd Grade Class & both 4th Grade Classes *Breezeway Entrance: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 6th Grade *North Door Main Parking Lot (back area): 7th Grade, 8th Grade *South Door Main Parking Lot (closer to street): Mrs. Moran's 3rd Grade, Kindergarten, 5th Grade There will be NO Parking in the Main lot at arrival and dismissal this year.  As in years past, we strongly encourage you to park in the Saint James Church parking lot and walk up with your students (crossing guards will be out to help you cross at the crosswalks).  Dismissal each day will be outside.
Supply items will still be needed if your child is participating in the remote learning model this fall, however you do not need to bring classroom-specific items to school until such time that your child returns to our campus (i.e. tissues, Clorox wipes, etc.).
We understand that Clorox wipes are in short supply at this time. Please feel free to substitute this item with generic wipes. If you are still unable to find wipes to send in at the start of school, please continue to look and send them when you can. Saint James School has ordered additional supplies of disinfectants to utilize throughout the year.
Students will continue to enjoy fun and active recess time(s) this year outside, weather permitting. Teachers are formulating grade specific programs that will encourage physical activity along with socialization in a safe manner. Students will be kept in cohorts (by grade) during recess.
Students will enjoy all of their regular specials this school year. Protocols are being put in place to allow for these to happen safely, including the specials teachers traveling to the classrooms (with the exception of Gym class - which will predominantly take place outside) to maintain cohorts. Students participating in remote learning will also participate in specials.
The beach towels (Grades K-5) may be used during additional outdoor breaks. This time might include reading, coloring, or independent work depending on the grade.

COVID-19 Procedures

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed/in contact with someone who has tested positive, the parent/guardian should call Mrs. Vignati (our school nurse) immediately.   If a positive test result is received after 3:00pm or over a weekend, please email Mrs. Zorger immediately at bzorger@saintjamesschool.net.
The Saint James School Nurse, Mrs. Vignati, has been making preparations for the upcoming school year based on state requirements and town of Manchester guidelines. As per state requirements, an “isolation room” has been identified to utilize for any student or staff member who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms. At all times, the school nurse will be staying with the student in this “isolation room” until dismissed (immediate pick-up of child will be required). Parents/guardians are required to contact their child's health care provider for further evaluation. A doctor’s note is needed before the student/staff member can return to school.
At this time, we are still collaborating with the Manchester Health Department to determine the approved protocol that will be implemented in the event that a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19.
SJS will notify parents and staff of any confirmed COVID-19 cases within our school community. All communications will be sensitive to maintain confidentiality of the student or staff member as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and will counter potential stigma and discrimination.