Fall Fundraiser

Hopefully by now everyone has registered their student(s) for our Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser.  Please note when registering, our school is listed in the drop down as “St James School – Manchester 06040-5996” (you need to type it with no period after the “St” to get it to populate).

Here is a short video you can watch with some helpful information about registering and tracking sales and prizes:  https://youtu.be/Od2p9W9zZaM?list=PL50fl90Wbvi-ZcMWhIKucfXzb8U0rAX7q

And, here is a fun video you can watch with your student(s) about the Oinksterz prizes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqAV52hJwz8

Our first “Oinksterz” coupon turn in day is this Friday, 9/25.