ESA Follow-Up Note

Thank you to all the Saint James School families who contacted their elected officials about Educational Savings Accounts from Tuesday’s e-mail (  It came back to us that SJS school parents did a great job making their voice heard – with many families making calls or sending e-mails to their state representative in support of school choice.

Unfortunately, the measure got shot down and was not put to a vote – but there was enough support that the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference will resurrect legislature on Educational Savings Accounts again next year.  Please take an opportunity to find out how your local and state representatives would vote and continue to make your voice heard as well.

We also wanted to give a special SJS “shout out” to a graduate of our school (and the father of two former SJS students) Representative Mark Tweedie who we heard was very helpful in trying to get this bill up for a vote.  We are fortunate to have so many former SJS students and parents in our community who continue to advocate for our great school!