End of Year Update

With Memorial Day now behind us, we wanted to share some of the plans that we have in place to wrap up this very unique school year.

First and foremost, we are looking forward to graduating our school’s 94th class of Grade 8 students on Friday, June 5th.  We are proud to be able to honor these students after their years of effort and commitment to learning and growing to reach their personal best!

On Monday, June 8th, our Kindergarten students will finish out their year with a special Kindergarten graduation video from their teachers.  We are happy to celebrate our young learners and recognize the conclusion of this important milestone.

All the teachers will be putting together special “Stepping-Up” videos to introduce themselves to next year’s students. We will send these out on Monday, June 8th.


Returning/Retrieving Items:

On Tuesday, June 9th and Wednesday, June 10th, families will be able to drop-off school items and pick-up personal belongings for all grades.  To help minimize the number of people at the school at one time, we have created a sign-up form and ask all families to sign up for one time slot using the link below (one slot per family, not per child please).  Please note there is a SEPARATE sign up for Pre-K, which Mrs. St. Jean is sending directly to our Pre-K families.



When you arrive at your designated date/time, please note the following:

* All persons in the building must wear a mask. Please enter through the main entrance and sanitize your hands before proceeding to classrooms.

* There will be labeled boxes inside the main hallway after you enter the front door for you to drop off:

  1.  SJS library books your child may have had at home
  2.  Uniform items to be donated to the uniform closet
  3. Basketball uniforms that need still need to be returned. Basketball uniforms should be in a Ziploc baggie or plastic bag labeled with the child’s name written on the front. There is a charge for unreturned uniform items.

* Please do NOT stop in the main office to check in – instead go right to your child’s classroom.

* There will be signs located at the stairwell entrances to guide you where to go.

* If a parent is already in the classroom when you arrive, please wait in the hallway until they are done.

* Please take all items left on your child’s desk and leave all items you are returning on your child’s desk. Students’ artwork and supplies will be included in the bags for you to take off your child’s desk.

* Teachers will be in their classrooms on both dates, but please take care to maintain proper social distancing and limit time to the three minute window.

* Please exit the building using the designated stairwells by the Pre-K parking lot. Signs will be posted in the hallways so people are not coming in and out the same doors. 

* For students in the upper grades or families that borrowed Chromebooks for distance learning, please remember to bring the assigned charger back with the Chromebooks. There is a charge for missing or damaged items.


Good-bye to School, Hello to Summer Parade!

To officially close out the school year, on Thursday, June 11th, our faculty and staff will line up in front of the school on Park Street from 10:00am– 11:00am so that families can drive by to wave goodbye.  While this is certainly not the way we wanted to end our school year, we hope it will give students some closure on the 2019-2020 school year as they kick start their summer vacation.  Feel free to decorate cars and have fun with our “Good-bye to School, Hello to Summer Parade!”