Dress Code Reminders

Mrs. Zorger would like to remind parents to please make sure your child/ren are adhering to the dress code when coming to school each day.

**If your student/s have outgrown their uniform items since the fall (skorts, gym shorts, shorts) please stop by the uniform closet or keep an eye out for the spring sales from Dennis and Lands End to purchase ones that are longer.

**Highlighting or coloring of students’ hair is not permitted while school is in session  (please keep in mind if students color or highlight their hair over the summer, they must return it back to their natural color before school starts in the fall).

**Uniform shoes (those worn with the regular uniform) must be Dress shoes.  Black or brown sneakers are not considered dress shoes.

While we don’t have a specific policy on headbands, there have been some concerns brought up about distracting head-wear on some of our younger ladies.  Please keep in mind headbands should be simple and not distracting to the students that sit behind your child in class.

You can find the full dress code in the school handbook (pages 8 and 9).  The handbook and dress code are located on our website under the Documents & Forms quick link (near the bottom of the homepage, next to the calendar) in case you need to refer to them in the future.