Dismissal & Pick-Up Reminders

Notes from Home
As stated on page 12 of the Parent/Student Handbook, a note from home should be sent to school with your child in the morning if they will be staying after school or dismissed in a different manner on a particular day:

If a student will be doing something different than usual at the end of the school day, such as going home with a friend rather than taking the bus, a dated note should be sent to the teacher on that day stating the change in plans. These arrangements should be made before school so that phone calls to and from the school office will not be necessary.

Keep in mind, this includes participating in a club, study session, etc., and applies to all grades –  including middle school.

The Blue SJS Notepads are great for this!! We still have them available for sale in the office for $5.00 each.

Pick-up From After-School Activities
Parents are asked to please be prompt when picking up your child/ren from an after-school club or activity.  If a ride is not here when an activity/club concludes, the student will be sent to aftercare instead of the office.  Please remember aftercare does have a fee of $11/hr, and time will begin accruing at the end of the school day.  If a student’s ride has run into an unexpected delay, please call the main office to let them know.