Attention All Saint James School Parents and Guardians:

As we hope you are already aware, the Saint James School administration and staff is constantly monitoring and evaluating our school’s safety and security procedures.  Please know that everything we ask of you is well thought out and evaluated by our safety committee.

The safety and security of our students, staff, and families is our absolute number one priority.

A concern that has come to our attention is that too many parents (with or without their students) are wandering back into the school from the gym after 2:05pm dismissal to see a teacher, stop in the office, or retrieve forgotten items.  As you can appreciate, it is imperative – for many reasons – that we know exactly who is in our building at all times.

With this in mind, beginning Today (Monday) we are putting the following in place:

**All students being picked up in the gym at 2:05pm and their parent/guardian must exit the gym via the outside doorThere will no longer be direct access from the gym to the school, breezeway, or cafeteria at 2:05pm dismissal.

**If you need to go back into the school after you pick-up your child/ren in the gym, you may re-enter the school only via the double green doors at our main entrance.  Please use the buzzer to alert us of your presence — we will see you on our external camera and unlock the door for you.  Please come into the main office before going to a classroom or other area of the school.

**You may begin using the aftercare buzzer/entrance beginning at 2:10pm to get down to aftercare, however the doors to get back into the classroom portion of the school will be locked.

Lastly, if you have asked someone else to pick up your child (other than the already designated person), you must write a note to your child’s teacher (or call the office if it’s during school hours).  We will not dismiss to another person (even another SJS parent) unless we have been notified.

Thank you!