IMPORTANT: Contingency Plan for School Closure

While a school closure related to the corona virus is NOT imminent at the moment, our school is preparing in case Manchester schools do opt to close for a period of time (SJS will follow the Manchester public schools’ protocol).

If a closure is anticipated for a long duration, we are preparing to have students continue with their learning and studies through the use of technology.

At this point, we are looking at the K-8 program and the access to technology that students have at home should we need them to work remotely.  Middle School Students are all actively using their Chromebooks and Google classroom at home, so we are not as concerned about them.

If you have a student in Kindergarten – 5th grade, however, please complete the following form to help us with our planning (If you did not do so yesterday):

Please also review this release we received today from the Archdiocese of Hartford, containing additional information on policies we are implementing immediately: AOHSchools.coronavirus.3.10.2020