Congratulations SJS Drama Club

Congratulations to the SJS 2016 Drama Club on another awesome performance this past Friday evening.  Below are some additional pictures from the show (click to enlarge) – special thanks to Mrs. Parsons for sending these in.  Also, we would again like to thank our volunteer Drama Club chairperson, Mrs. Canna, for all the time and energy she put into helping create another great year of Drama at Saint James School!

SJS drama 2016-0003 SJS drama 2016-0008SJS drama 2016-0015 SJS drama 2016-0028SJS drama 2016-0044 SJS drama 2016-0047SJS drama 2016-0050 SJS drama 2016-0055SJS drama 2016-0056 SJS drama 2016-0061SJS drama 2016-0063 SJS drama 2016-0083SJS drama 2016-0089 SJS drama 2016-0113SJS drama 2016-0117 SJS drama 2016-0123SJS drama 2016-0126 SJS drama 2016-0134