Congratulations SJS Class of 2016!


Congratulations to the Saint James School Class of 2016!  Below are a few pictures taken today – our 8th graders’ last day as Saint James students.  Many of these boys and girls have been a part of our school since they were three, four, or five years old.  They have grown up before our eyes and we could not be more proud of all their accomplishments!

We wish the Class of 2016 much success as they move into the next phase of their academic careers and we look forward to hearing about all of their achievements in high school and the years beyond.  Please join us in prayer that God continue to grace each of them with His love and guidance throughout the years to come.

(Class of 2016 Parents: if you would like a full-size (i.e. print quality) version of any of these images e-mailed to you, please contact

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