Clarification on Remote Learning for 2021-2022

In clarification of the school’s policy regarding Remote Learning for the 2021-2022 school year, please note the following:

The school may chose to institute remote learning for students who will be out for an extended period of time (defined as more than 3 days) due to the following:

– Recovery from surgery

– Long term illness

– After receipt of a Covid-positive test (either for the student personally or for someone in the home) or during a quarantine due to exposure.

Once the Principal has approved the Remote Learning option for a student, it will take a day or two for the teachers to get technology devices and paperwork ready to send home.  The parent(s) will be notified about pick-up of materials at the school.

As a reminder from the travel policy notice, travel and quarantine due to travel (while awaiting Covid test results) will not be allowable reasons for remote learning.