Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser

All students (PreK-Grade 8) will be coming home today with our fall fundraiser packet from Cherrydale Fundraising.  This catalog-based fundraiser offers a wide-range of items including wrapping paper, kitchen gadgets, home decor, candles, cookies, cakes, and candy — there is something for everyone!

This year, all sales should be done online at  Please note our school is listed in the drop down as “St James School – Manchester 06040-5996”

At the end of the fundraiser, students will earn prizes based on the total number of items sold.  In addition, throughout the sale, there are 3 chances to earn extra incentives.  Turn-in dates for “Coop’s Kung Fu” incentives are:

Friday, September 10th

Friday, September 17th

Friday, September 24th

On these dates, send your child to school with the “Kung Fu” coupon on the back of the brochure in the fundraising packet.  The incentive will be processed and sent home with your child on the next school day.

This fundraiser is one of our most successful of the year and we appreciate your participation!  If you have any questions, please contact the school office or email our school’s fundraising Chair, Kate Davis, at