Back to School Reminders & Handbook

Attached below is the 2014-2015 Saint James School handbook for parents and students.  Teachers will be reviewing all school guidelines with students over the first few days of school, however, we wish to remind parents of the following for the first day:

  • No make up, nail polish, artificial nails, or artificial “tattoos” are allowed
  • Boys’ hair must not touch their shirt collar and must not cover their ears or eyebrows
  • Hair must not be dyed, highlighted, or bleached
  • The following jewelry is allowed: one watch, one ring, one thin chain necklace with or without a cross
  • Girls are allowed one pair of post earrings worn in the earlobes  (Boys are not allowed to wear earrings)
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and well cut
  • Students must be in the proper uniform attire


The 2014-2015 Saint James School handbook (as well as other school documents) is posted on our website under the quick link (yellow bars on right hand side of homepage) that says “School Documents & More”).

Thank you for ensuring students are properly attired for the first day of school.