Back to School Readiness Reminders

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at Saint James School in just a couple of weeks.  Our full 2021-2022 handbook will be emailed out shortly, but as you prepare for the start of school, please remember the following standard SJS guidelines:

*No make up, nail polish, artificial nails, or artificial “tattoos” are allowed

*Boys’ hair must not touch their shirt collar and must not cover their ears or eyebrows

*Hairpieces, mohawk-style haircuts, designs cut into hair, and outlandish hairstyles are not allowed

*Hair cannot not be dyed, highlighted, or bleached (if your student has colored their hair over the summer it must be dyed back to their natural color before school)

*The following jewelry is allowed: one watch, one ring, one thin chain necklace with or without a cross.  Smart watches are NOT allowed

*Girls are allowed one pair of post earrings worn in the earlobes  (Boys are not allowed to wear earrings)

*Hair must be neat, clean, and well cut

*K-8 students must be in the proper uniform attire every day.  All students should wear their regular uniform attire (not gym uniform) on the first day of school.

Additional notes:

*Class assignments for 1st-8th grade students will be emailed to parents sometime next week.

*There will be 4 separate areas for students to enter the building for the K-8 program again this year.   Signs will be posted outside during the September 1st visit and also on the 1st day during the to help families identify each entrance area; Aides, staff members, and other helpers will be on site to assist with getting students to their classrooms if needed on the 1st few days of school.  These areas are the same as last year and will be as follows:

*Front Door:  Mrs Phelan’s 3rd Grade Class & both 4th Grade Classes

*Breezeway Entrance: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 6th Grade

*North Door Main Parking Lot (back area): 7th Grade, 8th Grade

*South Door Main Parking Lot (closer to street): Mrs. Moran’s 3rd Grade, Kindergarten, 5th Grade

As in years past, we strongly encourage you to park in the Saint James Church parking lot and walk up with your students (crossing guards will be out to help you cross at the crosswalks) if not using the Drop & Go option.  Detailed drop-off & parking guidelines will be emailed out before school (these will be exactly the same as last year so returning grade k-8 families and returning pre-k families should already know exactly where they can park and how the drop & go protocol works).