Arrival Notes

Mrs. Zorger wanted to share a quick note of gratitude to all our families for continuing to be so punctual with morning arrival.  The teachers really appreciate that all students are getting here on time each day and the whole class is ready to start when the bell rings.

On a similar note, please remember that if you are using the “drop and go” area in the morning (the are that spans the entire length of the building), your child should be fully ready to hop out of the car when you stop.  We are starting to see backups form as students need to get masks on, finish breakfast, or open the trunk to retrieve items, etc.  If this is the case when you get to the school area, please pull up and park in front of the Pre-Kindergarten building or on Otis Street.  “Drop & go” is meant to be a quick turnaround where you stop, the student hops out, and you pull away.  Thank you for your renewed attention to this.