Arrival/Dismissal Reminders

Reminders from Mrs. Zorger regarding arrival and Dismissal, please share this with anyone picking up/dropping of your child/ren:

When bringing your children to school in the morning, you have two choices:

1) DROP & GO (K-8 ONLY)

*Please use the whole length of Park Street starting at the corner of Church St. and Park St. all the way until the entrance to our playground between the Pre-K building and main school building.

*You do not need to wait until you are in front of the breezeway for your children to exit the car. This will help with the flow.

*Remember this is a drop-off area, which means:
• only students are getting out of the car
• they do not need any assistance getting out of the car
• they have their backpacks and instruments with them- not in the trunk
• students are ready to get out of the car- they are done tying shoes, they are done with breakfast, etc.


A second choice at drop-off is if you would like to stop your car and assist your child in getting out of the car, walk your child to the entrance of school, or your child is not ready to get out of the car. If this is the case, parking options are:
• The West side of Otis Street
• The North side of Park St. beginning from the Pre-Kindergarten building down to Chestnut St.
• St. James Church parking lot
• Our school playground lot between the Pre-K building and the Main school building.


At dismissal, we have a lot more cars trying to find parking since students need to be picked up by someone present at dismissal. Parking options are the same as above. This is the best time to use the St. James Church parking lot (no parking in St. Mary’s lot).

*If you are parking on the street, please pay attention to the parking signs – there are some that say no parking, some that designate times of no parking. There is no parking between the hours of 7-9 and 1-3 in front of the school, on Park Street, from the corner of Church St. and the playground entrance.

* If there is a cone placed on the side of the street, this is indicating a no parking, stopping, or waiting area. Please do not move the cone or pull up next to the cone to wait, drop-off, or pick-up.

In the past, our neighbors have asked us to please notify our families to not:
• Run-around their lawns and property at pick-up
• Block driveways during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.
• Block trash cans and recycle bins at the curb on Friday mornings (meaning the trash/recycles don’t get picked up); and
• Speed through area roads/not fully stopping at stop signs (specifically at Chestnut and Park Street, where students are out waiting for buses).

We have been notified by our neighbor, St. Mary’s Church, to remind our families to not use their parking lots. Parking in St. Mary’s parking lot at any time of day is not an option.


We appreciate everyone paying attention to these procedures. We have many students who arrive and are picked up by car. Please exhibit patience for the safety of our students. As always, we thank you for your efforts to make our school the best it can be.