Important Reminders For Grandparents’ Day

As a reminder, guests coming to the school tomorrow for students in Kindergarten – 5th grade are asked to enter via the GYM.  The doors will open at 9:45am.

Please remember to tell your visitor(s) which teacher(s) your child/ren have so that our volunteers can easily direct them to the correct classrooms following the assembly. 

Grandparents WITH A HANDICAP PERMIT OR WITH SPECIAL PARKING NEEDS may park in the staff lot in front of the school breezeway.  Please tell guests they can park in the Church lots and make them aware of the change in parking on OTIS street.

Middle school students can be dismissed anytime after 11:30am tomorrow to leave with a grandparent (or special guest) visiting a younger sibling, however a note must be sent to the teacher tomorrow regarding the special dismissal.

Grandparents of middle school students are welcome to come from 11:15 – 11:45am.  They will enter via the main office entrance and volunteers will be on hand to help direct them to the appropriate Middle School classroom (please keep in mind that middle school classrooms are upstairs and we do not have elevators in our building).  Please let them know that students will not be in their homeroom (and therefore they cannot go up) prior to 11:15am.  A note must be sent to the teacher in the morning.

All K – 5th grade students should come in regular uniform tomorrow (no gym uniforms).