Accreditation Team to Visit Next Week

As you know, Saint James School is Accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, a distinction that ensures a school maintains high academic standards. Every 10 years, schools must go through the Accreditation process to keep this distinction. For Saint James School, this will occur next week.

This coming Sunday, SJS staff will be welcoming a team of 7 peers, from other member schools, to Saint James for the Accreditation process.  This team will be with us through Wednesday, October 21st, studying all aspects of our school including our curriculum, facility, processes, and communication, to name a few. They will be visiting classrooms and will be interviewing select staff, students, and parents.  The faculty and staff at Saint James School have been working on getting ready for the Accreditation team’s visit for well over a year.

Should your child(ren) come home and discuss visitors at the school next week, please know this is who they will be referring to.  Also, please take a moment to welcome members of the Accreditation team to our school should you see them at dropoff, pick-up, aftercare, etc.