Principal / Pastor


Our Principal – Mrs. Patricia Kanute

PrincipalKanuteDear Parents,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our wonderful staff, parents, and students for another great year at Saint James School.  Our staff is providing our students with another year of learning opportunities and lessons that are simply unparalleled.

Parents will often hear me saying, “we teach for the sake of learning, not just test-taking, and we find with this our students happen to perform very well as test-takers too.”  I’m pleased to report that once again our test scores show academic achievement well outpacing target grade level performance.  Our seventh grade students, for example, received scores in Reading and Math Comprehension typically associated with students well into their 10th grade year!  And, on the Language sections of the test, IOWA test results showed our seventh graders performing at a college level!  Truly amazing!  But, what’s even more amazing is these kind of results were evident across all grades tested (3rd through 7th).   I am so proud of our teachers, our students, and of course, we couldn’t do what we do without the support provided by our wonderful Saint James School families.

I would also like to thank our many parent and staff volunteers who have helped put together wonderful events for our Saint James families; The Halloween Party, Christmas Celebration, Father/Daughter Dance, and Staff Appreciation Luncheons, just to name a few.

With much gratitude and thankfulness, I wish all of you a safe, happy, and blessed year!




Our Pastor – Father Cavanaugh

Dear Saint James School Families,

May you enjoy much happiness, grow in the love of God, and experience Christ’s tender love for you in the coming year.

Saint James School has enjoyed an excellent year, thanks largely to a wonderful staff, a body of bright and energetic students, and a terrific group of parents who support us in so many ways. By talking with your youngsters about what’s going on in their lives, by encouraging them as they conquer new hurdles, by guiding their studies, and by setting an example of committed, devout Christianity, you enable the success of your children and of Saint James School – perhaps more than you realize.

Without first rate parents, we wouldn’t have a first rate school. Thank you!

I pray every day for you and for your families. Please don’t forget to say a prayer for us. May God bless you!