A Prayer of Gratitude During Corona Virus

As we close out our final virtue of the school year, we wanted to leave you with this beautiful prayer written by 8th grade student Annabelle Krueger.

Gratitude in the Face of the Coronavirus

Dear God,

Even though times are uncertain,
I thank you for the many blessings I have.

My family and I are home together
and we can enjoy each other without interruption.

I thank you for this gracious blessing of being with the ones I love most all the time,
for we see each other every day but sometimes I feel that we are always going in opposite directions and not getting the time to understand or help each other.

I thank you God for giving my family the chance to become one united group of love.

The pace of life has slowed itself down so I can notice and appreciate the small moments and beauties of nature that surround me.

I thank you for this blessing of opportunity since life goes by so fast,
we often overlook the little things
like a swim in a pond on a seventy degree day when everyone says I’m crazy but I  like the feeling of the cool water on my body and the sentiment of being totally free.

Or watching our magnolia tree slowly unfurl its purple flowers.

These are the things that are often forgotten but can now be seen in the spotlight.

With nothing else to think about, the small things count more than ever.

I thank you God for letting us see that we should treasure all things, big or small, in our vast memory.

Technology allows us to stay connected with friends, family, classmates and teachers.

It allows us to have virtual human contact when we can’t physically spend time with people.

I thank you for this blessing of being able to stay connected with others.

Humans are social creatures who need to have contact with others,
and technology now allows for this to happen even when we are quarantined.

I thank you God for giving us the gift of technology to communicate with others in a time where everything is uncertain.

So even though the situation is not ideal,
I am grateful for all the blessings God has given me.