8th Graders Assist With TV Mass

Saint James School 8th Grade Students joined Father Carlson at the Archdiocese of Hartford’s TV studio in Prospect, Connecticut today as he Celebrated Mass for broadcast on Sunday.  A service offered by the Archdiocese of Hartford, the daily televised Mass reaches out primarily to the home-bound who have been disconnected from their local parish through illness or age.  The Mass taped today will air this Sunday at 5:00am and 10:00am on WCCT-TV (Channel 11 on COX, check local listings for other cable providers).  It will air throughout Connecticut as well as in parts of Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. It will also be played on the Archdiocese’s radio station, WJMJ at noon on Sunday.

Saint James 8th graders served as the readers and alter servers as well as singing in the choir and serving as the in-studio audience for the mass.  This unique experience also provided students an opportunity see how a television studio operates.

Special thanks to Father Carlson and the 8th grade teachers for helping make this fun experience possible for our students.