Saint James School 6th grade students have been studying early Chinese History during the past several weeks – particularly the period covering the Tang, Song, Yuan, & Ming Dynasties.  To add some fun and reinforce their understanding of the lessons, students were tasked with using what they learned to create a board game reflecting what they had learned.  Grading criteria consisted on the following:

*The game must contain design and content relating only to the topic of Ancient China.
*There should be more than 5 questions/game cards relating to the board game’s subject.
*The game should take into consideration the different levels of students who could be playing.
*Spelling and grammar all must be correct.
*Creativity and design of the game must reflect aspects of Ancient Chinese history, religions, and culture.
*The rules and objectives of game must be written up and presented clearly.

Yesterday, students presented their games to their classmates, teacher, and a few other staff members.  Here are some pictures: