3rd Grade Science Lab

Yesterday, 3rd grade students worked on their first formal lab of the year during Science class: making and observing Oobleck – a “non-Newtonian fluid” – meaning a substance that can be a solid or a liquid depending on how much force is applied.

As a class, the students developed a name for the project and a “hypothesis.”  Breaking into small groups, students completed the most fun part – combining cornstarch and water and observing what happens.  Then, they dropped in various items such as a marble, paper, and a paperclip.  Next, students picked up the Oobleck and rolled it in their hands to make a ball – then watched it flatten out again.

Once everything was cleaned up, Mrs. Moran and the students went on to discuss what they observed and what conclusions could be made.  The students loved this hands-on project which had them thinking about if Oobleck behaves like a solid or a liquid, or both!  (Click pictures to enlarge).

img_7407 img_7409 img_7411 img_7419 img_7428