3rd Grade Career Speakers

To encourage 3rd grade students to dream big when it comes to their future, teachers have been inviting special guest speakers, from a wide variety of professions, into the classroom to discuss the education, skills, and training needed for a particular job/career.

The objectives of this initiative are to deepen the awareness of what it takes to be successful, allow students to begin examining their own interests, and develop self-confidence for students to achieve their future goals (even though we know those goals could change many times).

Below are a few pictures from Friday’s guest (and SJS parent), Mr. O’Callaghan, a Fire Captain, who talked about about the huge amount of training (physical and educational) that firefighters go through, what a typical day on the job consists of, important skills (like teamwork!), and much more.

As you can see in the pictures, the 3rd graders are really interested in learning from our special guests and enjoying the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed setting.

Students have also heard talks by a Physical Therapist (who brought a cool skeleton!) and a College Professor, with more special guests being lined up for the weeks to come including a Pediatric ER Nurse, a Corporate Lawyer, and more!  If you (or a relative) would like to come in to share your profession with our 3rd grade students, please reach out to SJS parent/school board member Andrea Piotrowski (ampiotrowski@yahoo.com) who is helping to coordinate this program for our school.