2019 Soirée Class Basket Info

Please be on the lookout for a notice from your child’s room parent(s) regarding donations towards our 2019 Soirée Class Baskets.  These baskets are raffled off the evening of the event, with all ticket proceeds going directly to our school.  Please consider a donation of an item that keeps with the theme of your child’s grade.  If you prefer, monetary donations can be made and will be used towards the purchase of a large-ticket item that ties in with the theme of the basket.  The deadline for submitting your donation is Friday, March 1st.  Themes are as follows:

Pre-K… Barbie
1st grade…Movie Night
2nd grade …Cozy Book Time
3rd grade…CT Fun
4th grade…Family Game Night
5th grade…Chocolate
6th grade…Spa
7th grade…Gift Cards
8th grade…Scratch Tickets

As always, we are very grateful for any support you can provide.

If you have any questions on the baskets, please contact your child’s parent directly.