2018 Annual Fund Update & Thank You

As the calendar year draws to a close, we wish to extend a special Thank You to all the members of the Saint James community who have generously supported our 2018 Annual Fund Campaign. To date, we have raised $48,211 thanks to strong participation from our SJS parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners, and other friends of the school.

As previously noted, this year’s donations are helping offset the substantial cost of replacing the roof on our school’s gym/cafeteria wing (which was the original roof from this section of our school, added in the 1960’s!)

Annual fund donations, which come directly to our school, have helped us make many critical improvements in recent  years such as bright, energy-efficient windows in the majority of our school and new energy-efficient roofs over our classrooms, breezeway, and now the gymnasium/ cafeteria wing. The impact of these improvements on our school facility has been significant and we thank you for your support.

If you have not yet made a (tax-deductible) donation to the Saint James School 2018 Annual Fund Campaign, we hope that you will consider helping Saint James School stay strong for the future by making a contribution today.  Every donation makes a difference!

Please visit www.saintjamesschool.net/annualfund for more information.  As always, we thank you for all you do to support of our great school!