Tomorrow! $1.00 Halloween Dress Down Day

In keeping with the fun spirit of Halloween, students may pay $1.00 to come to school in dress down attire tomorrow – Friday, October 30th.

Money collected from the dress down day will be donated to the St. James Parish Social Action Committee – which they will use to purchase gift cards for families in need to use this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dress down attire should be black, orange, white, green, and/or purple.  NO masks, NO costumes (except Pre-K), NO painted faces, and NO colored hair.

As a reminder, here are the dress down guidelines from our handbook:

*Clothing must not have indecent writing or pictures, inappropriate slogans or advertisements.

*Revealing clothing (including short shorts, halter tops, half shirts, tank tops, and see-through tops) is not allowed.

*Leggings are not allowed (unless the student is wearing a long shirt that comes down to mid-thigh).

*No shorts from November 1st until April vacation.

*Waistbands must not sag below the waist. Pants legs must not drag on the floor.

*High heels, platform shoes, flip-flops, open-toe sandals, and shoes with no backs are not allowed.

*Clothing must not be torn, ragged, or have holes.